Cable Services


“Pre-Season” new single and multi-conductor cables with CSR’s Dystatic-Seasoning cable service. Extend the life of your cable and greatly improve accuracy. Over 11 million ft. in use by cased hole service companies globally.

Conductor Cable Close Up

Core Services

CSR Wire Rope Service
CSR Wireline Service Truck

Cable Installation

  • Vertical and horizontal installation of EM cable inside coiled tubing
  • EM cable and fiberoptic wireline spooling
  • Magnetic marking
  • Installation on oceanographic cables
  • Splicing multiconductor and monoconductor cable, including coaxial cable

Cable Inspection

  • Electrical and cable failure analysis
  • Cable break testing and reports
  • Wear and damage check
  • Removal of kinks
  • Replacement recommendations
  • Investigate any EM cable failure
  • Microscopic cable analysis
  • Ductility testing
  • Locating electrical fault

Cable Repair / Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting EM cable problems
  • Cleaning, brushing, and oiling
  • Normalizing (Twisting)
  • Postforming
  • Splicing

Custom Services

Custom Cable Equipment

CSR manufactures standard and custom equipment for installing, repairing, normalizing, and cleaning EM cable for your most demanding applications.

Speak with CSR to discuss your custom project needs.


  • Procedures for spooling cable onto wireline drum
  • General maintenance of cable – lubrication and cleaning
  • Splicing procedures
  • Postforming and normalizing cables
  • Postforming kink out of cable
  • Magnetically marking wireline cables
  • Proper wireline record keeping
  • Electrical testing
  • Determination of depth of short circuit
  • CSR equipment training and maintenance
  • Technical cable information and theory
Wireline Equipment and Training

When Your Needs Demand the Best

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