Correct tension profile during EM cable, mechanical cable, and slickline installation.

Wire Ductility Assessment Device

Test the ductility of the armor wires of electrical/mechanical wireline cables.

Payoff Take-Up Systems

Allows cable to be spooled onto or removed from a wireline unit.

Hydraulic Control Stands

Required to operate the CSR Payoff Take-up, Payoff Take-up Twister, or Drum Spooler.


Used in the operation of normalizing and removing kinks in a cable

Hydraulic Power Units

Electric and Diesel hydraulic power supply units.

Cable Brushing Systems

Remove heavy rust and dirt using a cable brushing system.

Drum Spoolers

Used for spooling cable under tension onto customer’s chain driven drums.

Weight Indicator Systems

Designed to measure the tension on the wireline during installation.

CoreLube Cable Lubricator

The CoreLube Cable Lubricator is used to penetrate, clean and coat cable with lubricates as the cable passes through the CoreLube Cable Lubricator.

Cable Measurement System

Cable Measuring Systems are used to measure cable length in feet or meters.

Cable Sheave Wheels

Cable Sheave Wheels are used in the rigging of cable.

Bowers Box

The Bowers Box Cable Fault Locator is used to find the location of electrical faults in EM Cables.

Cable Diameter Alarm Device

The Cable Diameter Alarm Device is used to signal to a technician of crossed armor wire or other large increase of diameter during spooling of a cable.


Cable Pliers

The cable pliers are available in a variety of sizes to match different diameters and types of cables.

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